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The business community that empowers women

to connect, collaborate and flourish together

Are you passionate about

growing your business,

reputation and connections,

and being part of one of the UK's

fastest-growing female business communities?

Do you love the excitement and

opportunity of face-to-face

and online networking where

you are part of a collective

of supportive women?

Do luxury in-person business

and well-being events and

experiences excite you?

If you hate the traditional, male-dominated, corporate style of business, with the

suits and stuffy meeting rooms, and want to do business your way.....


At Flamingo Business,


Choose from four different tiers depending on the support you need.

Fancy Some Free Virtual Networking?

Join us at our next online netwoking event where you are part of a collective of supportive women..... all from the comfort of your own home.

Sessions take place over zoom from 9.30am - 11.00am and are free to attend.

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Trust me, as a member of Flamingo Business, being an entrepreneur will feel very different.

Hello, I'm Elizabeth - your original Flamingo!

I am a true advocate of helping business owners

STAND OUT in their industry!

I have always been passionate about empowering females in business, creating a collaborative and connecting culture where we can all support and stand out from the crowd together.

This is why I founded and created Flamingo Business, which has since become my preferred community for women who mean business!

In 2017, I embarked on an 'accidental career' and joined my husband in the motor industry, which is extremely male-dominated.

I soon diversified the business and re-launched a finance brokerage, focused on helping females, by empowering them with the knowledge to make independent financial decisions.

This continues to grow, and last year we generated over

£3 million in sales and, more importantly, made so many women feel empowered and financially independent

... and long may it continue.